Friday, August 8, 2008


We have just returned from 2 glorious weeks at our winter home in Crested Butte, Colorado. The flowers were beautiful again this year, especially with the amount of snow we got this past winter. Though it is nice to be back at the ocean on Long Beach Island, NJ, I do miss the beauty of the Colorado mountains in the summertime. How very fortunate we are to be able to enjoy two such different, yet special places.

Snow remained in the valleys of the mountain passes.

Mountains reflected in clear, high lakes.

A few Glacier Lilies remain at higher altitudes despite the warm summer temperatures.

One of my favorite mountains, Gothic Mt., peaking above the wildflower field.
A bouquet of wildflowers on the hillside.

Emerald Lake appears milky with the snow melt.

The Rosy Paintbrush differs in shape from its more common relative, the Indian Paintbrush.

The Colorado Columbine is plentiful this time of the year.
Blue Flax in bloom. This is one of the prettiest flowers in the mountains.

The mountain streams were running full of the winter snow melt.

Sandy Sandy, a wonderful friend and artist from New Jersey visited us to experience the beauty of the mountains in July.

A hike around Lost Lake trail provides some very special views.

And the flowers grow right up to the shoreline in places.
Fireweed blooming by the road in Washington Gulch.

Aspen Sunflowers & Osha in East River Valley.

A visit from one of the red foxes, minus his beautiful winter coat.

And a visit from the horses across the street, who wanted to taste our offerings.

Back at work on the trail,