Sunday, June 9, 2013


A late trip East this year -  Mid- May!!
Several days before leaving our home in Crested Butte Colorado,

we awaken to another big snow storm.  Beautiful as it was we were anxious to get on the road 
in a few days and not anxious to travel in bad weather.  After all it was mid-May.

However, within a day or so it had mostly melted and the colors of early spring were shining through.

                                 But then the fog set in giving an eerie light to the mountains.

The morning we left our home was silhouetted against the White Mountains, enshrouded in fog.

As we drove down the valley towards Gunnison I was fascinated by the play of light and shadows  between the clouds and mountains.

But further south the cows were quite happy grazing in the fields

     And the rivers, free of ice, continued to make their way down to warmer temperatures..

Heading east over Monarch Pass, there was new snow on the trees, but the highway was clean.

  The Eastern slopes of the Rockies were beautiful with their red rock accented by the blue sky.

All remained well until the next day when we were traveling through Kansas.  The sky darkened
and looked threatening.  As the hail started we kept tuned to the news channel to stay abreast of what was happening just south of us in Oklahoma.  It wasn't good!!  Trying to take refuge from the hail, under the overpasses, along with other vehicles, we were chased out by the police.

Breaking the speed limit, we decided to "get out of  Dodge" as quickly as we could.

                               Soon the sky cleared somewhat and we were among the wind farms.

The next day we waved at people on the overpasses who were waving at us with American
flags.  Seeing  motorcycles on the highway decked out in red, white and blue we finally saw where they were going.  Passing one small town we saw the street lined with American flags and a procession forming as vehicles exited the highway.  Had we had time we would have joined them.

 The next day as we reached the fresh spring green colors of Pennsylvania, my home state, I knew we were getting close to our summer home on the New Jersey coast.  What a beautiful country we have!!