Saturday, April 28, 2012


We traveled again this year with a group of friends from snowy Crested Butte to beautiful San Miguel at 4500 feet near the center of Mexico. Arriving in the afternoon the day before Easter we were anxious to see our hacienda - our home for a week while we took bridge lessons from Corrine and Gary - teachers extraordinaire.
Walking through the heavy wooden door into the enclosed courtyard we were treated to a magnificent sight.
At the top of the steps, outside the main entrance was a pedestal fountain filled with rose pedals.
Flowers were in bloom everywhere, lining the walkway, covering the walls.
These lovely Trumpet Vines (or hummingbird vines) overflowed the gardens.
They even hung from the decks above.
And decks could be found at all levels, 5 in total I believe.
From each deck one was treated with a profusion of colors.
Even the tall Jacaranda trees were in bloom with their delicate purple flowers.
This lovely covered hideaway was a great place for cocktails in the evening, we decided.
It offered a view of the kitchen below.


Restaurants in San Miguel are plentiful and many of them excellent. After settling in we decided it was time to find one.
Coming out our front door I noticed that our next door neighbors had decorated their entry for the Easter Holiday.
The view of the steeples of the church in the square made a beautiful sight.
And the streets were crowded with people.
Some of the shops still had samples of their wares on the stoops.
We bypassed this lovely restaurant, dubbed the "Umbrella Restaurant".
And decided on a roof top restaurant, "La Posadita" a couple of blocks away.
It had a view of the back of the church and another roof top restaurant across the street.
As the sun went down the town skyline, dotted with the many church steeples came into view.
And we were treated with a pretty sunset.
Walking back to our Hacienda locals were still about dressed in costumes.


After a poor night's sleep because of the loud fireworks in the town square, we all started Easter morning with a great breakfast.
Walking to the restaurant where we had eaten the year before,
We passed this display of doll awaiting the first customer.
Entering the door from the street, I immediately remembered the large tree with the exposed surface root system.
And then the lovely garden beyond.
Most of all I remembered the wonderful breakfast menue complimented by a table of special treat.
We walked up to the town square to see what all of the excitement was about. The square was filled with people and venders.
The ever present balloon men were busy selling their wares.
Walking through the park we saw a big crowd of people and a string of paper dummies hung from the balconies across the street.
Attached to the paper dummies were signs of identity, and firecrackers.
We had found the source of night noise as the fuses were lite and the dummies were blown to smithereens.
From the looks of the street below this activity had been going on a long time and many of the bad guys had been exterminated in effigy.
This little girl held her own version of a firecracker, while her little brother played with an umbrella, ready for rain or sunshine.


We did come here for bridge lessons, but there were so many things to see and do, at times we forgot.
However each morning we would begin our walk to the studio, down the hill.
always looking back up the hill at the beautiful view.
Past this corner with its nice plantings,
Along a wire fence with Pink Bougainvillea, and berries,
and red Bougainvillea,
and blue flowers too.
Sometimes I peeked over the fence to see the buildings beyond.
Occasionally we passed a man caning chairs on the corner,
And continued on to the hotel that contained the bridge studio.
When we had play in the afternoon we would try to eat near the studio, sometimes at this little outdoor cafe with this colorful gentleman sitting inside.
Later in the afternoon we would reverse our trip back up the hill past homes, and businesses -
And that special view of San Miguel.


Having a free afternoon, and wanting to see a few of the stores in town, I went to the big market with Susan, who was very familiar with the town.
We passed a church that we had seen several times, and it had fascinated me.
It was very old, and looked to me like it might have lost part of one tower at some time.
The door was open, and the church was nearly empty, so I grabbed a shot of the interior.
Passing a school we realized, because of the noise that it must be graduation. This Mariachi band was setting up to play as the young people exited.
Arriving at the market, one of the first things to catch my eye was this booth of colorful, hand-made bags.
But I couldn't bypass some of the vegetable stands without taking a picture.
Nor could I at the flower stands,
Or this display of hats.
Spices and herbs in different countries always interest me.
But the most interesting of all were the women working at their own little stands with vegetables and tortilla.