Saturday, April 28, 2012


After a poor night's sleep because of the loud fireworks in the town square, we all started Easter morning with a great breakfast.
Walking to the restaurant where we had eaten the year before,
We passed this display of doll awaiting the first customer.
Entering the door from the street, I immediately remembered the large tree with the exposed surface root system.
And then the lovely garden beyond.
Most of all I remembered the wonderful breakfast menue complimented by a table of special treat.
We walked up to the town square to see what all of the excitement was about. The square was filled with people and venders.
The ever present balloon men were busy selling their wares.
Walking through the park we saw a big crowd of people and a string of paper dummies hung from the balconies across the street.
Attached to the paper dummies were signs of identity, and firecrackers.
We had found the source of night noise as the fuses were lite and the dummies were blown to smithereens.
From the looks of the street below this activity had been going on a long time and many of the bad guys had been exterminated in effigy.
This little girl held her own version of a firecracker, while her little brother played with an umbrella, ready for rain or sunshine.

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