Saturday, April 28, 2012


Restaurants in San Miguel are plentiful and many of them excellent. After settling in we decided it was time to find one.
Coming out our front door I noticed that our next door neighbors had decorated their entry for the Easter Holiday.
The view of the steeples of the church in the square made a beautiful sight.
And the streets were crowded with people.
Some of the shops still had samples of their wares on the stoops.
We bypassed this lovely restaurant, dubbed the "Umbrella Restaurant".
And decided on a roof top restaurant, "La Posadita" a couple of blocks away.
It had a view of the back of the church and another roof top restaurant across the street.
As the sun went down the town skyline, dotted with the many church steeples came into view.
And we were treated with a pretty sunset.
Walking back to our Hacienda locals were still about dressed in costumes.

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