Saturday, December 12, 2015


We returned to our NJ home on Long Beach Island after a pleasant summer in Colorado.   Being raised with "sand in our shoes and salt water in our veins" it is always nice to come back to the shore, as it is referred to in New Jersey.

The spiders had been busy in our Holly Tree, and my husband called me out to see the webs sparkling with dew before he knocked them down.  I always hate to see such works of beauty destroyed, and hoped their next projects would be higher up.

 Fall is the time of the end of the season Regattas at the Yacht Club in Surf City.  I got there in time to see the first Lasers heading out from the shore.

It wasn't long before there was a line of boats heading up the bay towards the starting line.

It was still quite calm and it was a peaceful scene.

However on the second day of the Laser Regatta was a different story 

As the boats jockeyed for position at the starting line, luffing their sails to keep from crossing early,
the wind began to pick up.

It was a fair start, but it wasn't long before trouble began to brew.

At the first mark tragedy happened, and the first capsize took place.  The skipper soon righted his boat and was back in the race - though with something of a handicap.

Coming back from dinner that night we had a sitgh of the harvest
moon,  Though it wasn't long before it tried to hide its beauty in
the clouds.


A trip to Danbury, Connecticut for a bridge tournament in early October took us across the Hudson River from New Jersey where a new bridge was under construction adjacent to the one we were crossing,

The fall colors were at their height this far north, and the different hews were a joy to see.

Returning the following week, I grabbed this picture of the palisades from the car on the run.

But as we returned to New Jersey I was delighted to see equally beautiful colors not far from home.

Living on a sand bar in the summer, and the mountains in the west during the winter, I have missed

the beauty of the autumn in the East.

A quick stop at Pemberton Lake in the Pine lands offered a treat for my camera.

I won't forget this next year.  Beauty is everywhere.


The following week a kite festival was held on the beach, in Ship Bottom just to the south.

When I walked to the top of the dunes I was amazed at the size of the crowds, the kites in the air
and the people on the beach.
Kites of every conceivable size and shape and color were lifted aloft in the strong sea breeze.

The beach was planted with pennants and flags, and the next day when I returned, I discovered

these whimsical penguins further up the beach.

Since the wind was mild on that day, it was taking a lot of kid power to try to get this big ball aloft.

These ducks though were impervious to the breezes as they were anchored in the sand.

The children were enchanted with this group of Minions.  I especially liked this cyclops Minion dressed in a hula skirt.                                        

Getting this horse aloft in the light air was another problem.

But eventually success was achieved and he galloped against the bright blue sky.

This colorful octopus was another attraction, as it did not have a lot of weight it rose easily.

Streams of bubbles added to the festivity, with the children reaching up to the sky to break them.

While the large creation never did fly in the soft breeze while I was there, the long tailed Manta Ray
had no trouble.
This large lizard was able to raise its ugly head with the help of its offspring.


As fall settled in at the shore, gulls and sandpipers began to gather on the near deserted beach to
discuss their winter migration plans.

Though the sun and sands were still warm, the shorter days foretold the coming of winter.

Florida seemed more attractive to birds and people (snowbirds} alike.

My last sandpiper pictures of 2015!!!
In mid November the bunker (bait fish) began to run, followed closely by the stripers.

Followed closely by the fishermen in hundreds of boats,

And on the beach with many poles.

When an discarded one arrived on the beach, it was devoured by the gulls.

This fisherman looked longingly at his competition out beyond the waves.

The tide as it retreated left wonderful patterns in the sand.

And the birds enjoyed themselves in the shallow water beyond the waves.