Saturday, December 12, 2015


As fall settled in at the shore, gulls and sandpipers began to gather on the near deserted beach to
discuss their winter migration plans.

Though the sun and sands were still warm, the shorter days foretold the coming of winter.

Florida seemed more attractive to birds and people (snowbirds} alike.

My last sandpiper pictures of 2015!!!
In mid November the bunker (bait fish) began to run, followed closely by the stripers.

Followed closely by the fishermen in hundreds of boats,

And on the beach with many poles.

When an discarded one arrived on the beach, it was devoured by the gulls.

This fisherman looked longingly at his competition out beyond the waves.

The tide as it retreated left wonderful patterns in the sand.

And the birds enjoyed themselves in the shallow water beyond the waves.

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