Monday, November 30, 2015


Since I am inactive this week after surgery on Tuesday, I decided to go through my NJ photos from this year and try to get my blog up to date before we head West for our last winter in Colorado.

Last May, our sailing champion friend, Newt Wattis took us for a ride in his motor boat to see the construction of the new Causeway Bridge from water level.  The project will take several years to complete, as a new roadway is being constructed alongside to the south of the present bridge.

The new section will include several lanes, including a bike path, with the inclusion of a walking path on the old section.  At the present time the old roadway is being demolished and traffic has been diverted to the new area.

A Laser Race at the Yacht Club took my attention later that week as the boats jockied for position
around the marker - and headed up the bay in a nice line.

Our daughter, since she has been living at the shore, has gathered quite a collection of beach glass,
So we headed to Barnegat Light, at the northern tip of the island a weekend in mid June to see what the tide might have brought in.

The tide was in and there was a lot of water inside the jetty along with some broken glass that had seen some time in the ocean

A white Heron was looking for treats among the seaweed and rocks.

While fishermen lines up on the rocks to try their luck in the ocean.

This group was more intent on fish tales, but I didn't see any evidence of their catch near by.

  We retreated over the dunes, and back to the car with a few treasures, after a nice walk.                         

The July 4th parade and games was the last event before our return to Colorado for the summer.

One of the main events is the tug-o-war -boys against Girls, and somehow the girls always win.

The pie eating contest always culminates the games and win or loose, is enjoyed by all.