Friday, January 18, 2013


As I mentioned in my last post, we hurried back to Crested Butte to reach home before the storm - and we did. Though there was some snow in the mountains, the accumulation was not great. After last year's drought and seeing last summer, how low the water was in Blue Mesa, everyone was hoping for a good snow year. It didn't look promising.
However within a few days the view out our windows was very different. We had gotten our first big snowfall, just in time for the Holiday visitors.
The sunsets were again a treat,
As were the early mornings, with first light on the surrounding mountains. One of the problems of first coming to altitude is not being able to sleep - but that too has its advantages.
We readied the house for the Christmas Holidays. had some good friends in for Christmas dinner, and these beautiful roses arrived from our California son and daughter-in-law.
The weather turned bitter cold with the thermometer reading 15 to 33 degrees below zero. And we had the first of our winter visitors, this young red fox on our deck with his nose practically pushed against our glass slider. With the freezing temperatures and snow, supper was hard to find, so we helped him out with some left over cat food and meat balls.
He was most appreciative and stayed for awhile before continuing on his way.
Our 15 year old, heavy TV finally gave up the ghost, and a new one was our most welcome addition as father and son set it up and got it connected.
Now it is mid January, and we are well settled it. New snow has been scarce and the weather has remained cold, discouraging us old folks from skiing as yet. The Christmas decorations are put away, with the exception of the tree which has been adopted by our cat "Misty". We have decided to let her enjoy it a bit longer.

Sunday, January 13, 2013


Now that we have been back in Crested Butte for a month, and the Holidays are behind us, I decided to review my photo and get back to my blog.