Sunday, May 24, 2015


Now that we have been back on long Beach Island for 3 weeks and we are settled in for the spring at least, I though it was time to add to my blog.  My flowers are planted, and neighbors are returning from Florida, and we have had several beach walks.

 Taking off the first time, we could hardly see the ocean from the dunes, the fog was so thick.

We thought we were totally alone until we barely saw a fellow beach stroller coming out of the mist.

But this "castles" in the sand were evidence that children at least had been there that morning.

And we finally can upon 2 fishermen who had cast their lines into the mist in hope of snaring the "big one".

 Several days later the fog had lifted enough that a stand up paddle boarder was enjoying the waves.

Beach replenishment had begun in the community to the south of us, and this fisherman sat near the water's edge with his poles, while the dredge remained further out awaiting it next supply of sand.

Our next beach walk was enjoyed in sunshine, with a still pretty much deserted beach, and delightful change from what it will be like in another month.

At This time it is still left the the local fisherman seeking this best fishing spot, and walked like us who can still enjoy the solitude and peacefulness of the ocean's edge.

The rocks covered the moss gleamed in the sunshine as a warning not to try to scale their slippery surface.

Memorial day weekend has come and gone and we were blessed with beautiful weather, a bit cool and windy but with blue sky and sunshine. A visit of the replicas of the Nina and Pinta at the Viking Village was a special attraction for the locals and visitors who were on our island.

Wednesday, May 13, 2015


We are back in our shore home for several months, and I decided to check my blog which again I have again neglected for 3 months. It was a busy time in Crested Butte, we sold our home there, but unlike my friend and blogger extraordinary, Ralph Berglund I did not record the process. It was stressful and exhausting with a lot of work in a limited time. We moved ourselves, something you don't want to do when you are almost 80 and 82, and finding a place to live in the interim wasn't easy in a Colorado ski town.

 We loved our home there where we spent 18 wonderful years enjoying skiing with family and friends, but it was becoming more than we could handle as we aged.

Having lived many places across the country during our 57 years of married life we had accumulated
too many treasures, which I wasn't willing to abandon in a hurry to the buyers.  Rather I wanted to sell/give them to people who needed or would enjoy them.

My husband, Chuck pulled the proverbial rabbit out of the hat by finding an unfurnished home in Gunnison (the town 35 miles south where we and most everyone in the mountains does their shopping) that had just come on the market to rent.  We grabbed it up for a year so we have time to make some decisions as to what is next.

It has an open floor plan, 4 bedrooms, a 2 car garage, and most importantly a shed in the back of the lot that where we stored the things that we have to get rid of this summer.

Big picture windows look out on the field and mountains behind us that bring in the morning light.

The kitchen is adequate, especially for an old woman who is tired of cooking' and there is room for a table and the ever important wine rack.

There is also a separate dining room off of the kitchen, though my pictures of it somehow didn't accompany me to NJ,  and a large room for Chuck 's office and my desk, and believe it or not a small one for my computer and large printer and assorted photography "stuff" - how could we ask for more in a rental.  ( Perhaps we can extend our year!!)

In the evening I can enjoy the sunset colors on the field and hills behind our house,

And watch the moon rise in the evening.  How can one ask for more!!?