Monday, December 6, 2010


We arrived back in Colorado last night, and tired of unpacking I decided to update my blog with a few of my fall photos.

This Praying Mantis in our garden had feasted well all summer and grown to a good size before winter set in. In doing so he shed his exoskeleton about 12 times.

The Monarch butterflies came through on their southern migration, stopping on the goldenrod for a snack.

Followed closely by the Buckeyes.

The forests on the mainland turned their fall colors.

And the marshes turned golden,

As the water reflected the sky.

The fall winds continued with force churning the ocean into rough waves.

The inlet was treacherous even for large boats.

The bay waters rose isolating the old clam from the land.

The sandpipers that remained huddled near the reeds by the bay to stay warm,

And the gulls reclaimed the beach by the ocean.


The old adage - "red sky in morning, sailors take warning" proved accurate.

The ocean waves built up -

Which delighted the surfers.

As the storm passed we were blessed with a lovely mauve last look at our beach.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Late this summer with hurricanes stirring up the Atlantic, I found many opportunities for fun with my camera. I often watch the surfers trying to capture an unusual or interesting shot.

This young man appeared to be climbing the wave as he bailed out on one wave and headed back out to catch another.

At times waves meet and send water high into the air in beautiful spray.

The passing of Hurricane Earl far out to sea brought rough water and beach erosion.

But it also brought beautiful waves.

To capture this wave action is often a matter of patience and luck

Tuesday, September 28, 2010


When the backwash from the wave at low tide hits another wave coming ashore, beautiful formations are created.

And when a breaking wave encounters a strong offshore breeze things get ever more interesting.

The beauty of the ocean never ceases to amaze me.

How lucky I am to still live part of the year in this beautiful place of my childhood.

In the morning the tracks left by the beach cleaning crews made interesting patterns on the sand.

And the pelicans heading south for their winter home in Florida pass by the sun burning through the foggy sky.

Monday, September 27, 2010


Returning to sea level after our time in the mountains of Colorado is always a bit of adjustment.

But who can resist the beauty of a rainbow at sunset over the ocean,

Especially when it precedes the rising of a full moon.

However the birds on the beach, such as this adult Herring Gull, are always fun to watch.

This one snagged a large eel from the ocean, watched by a envious competitor.

The sandpipers, as always manage to stay just above the ocean edge and keep their feet dry.

Friday, September 17, 2010


Just before we left my friend, Jan took me on a new experience, mushroom hunting in Colorado. I had searched for Morels when we lived in Michigan, but had never had the opportunity to look for the wide variety on good mushrooms that grow in our mountains.

We were accompanied by Jan's daughter, Aspen and family so I was in good company. Katherine Rose got to ride,

While big brother showed his prowess in mushroom hunting.

The Hawk's Wing mushroom I would have passed by thinking they were clumps of mud.

This interesting orange one took my eye,

And these looked entirely like something else.

Mushrooms come in all shapes, sizes and colors - some orange -

And some a beautiful Yellow. But be sure you know what you are eating before you do, because some are delicious and some poisonous.

At the end of the day I cooked these 3 varieties that they knew were delicious, and safe: the Hawks wing, the Chantrelles, and the Boletes - and they were.


Near the end of our time in Crested Butte this summer, finally finishing the necessary yard work, we took a drive up to the Taylor Reservoir to see what changes might have occured.

Along the way we stopped briefly to watch rock climbers on the cliffs of Taylor Canyon.

And a fisherman in the Taylor River.

Though the cloud cover was heavy, light still lit the mountain tops in the background.

The Reservoir waters were blue and the flowers in bloom.

The town of Taylor sports many relics of the past, including this old wagon on a rise beh1nd the general store.


Sitting here in our home on the NJ Shore on a rainy day, watching the weather which has become more than just a pastime, I am remembering doing so in Colorado this summer. Here in the fall we watch the progress of the Atlantic Hurricane, giving thanks that we escaped Earl as we keep track of Igor and the one following it. There we were aware of sunrises and sunsets and the progress of rain clouds, which might interfer with the days outdoor activities.

The sunrise can color the clouds a soft pink above the ground fog.

And the sunset can light up the sky in beautiful vivid colors of orange and purples.

But one of my favorites is when the puffy clouds hang low beneath a clear blue sky.

Rainstorms, when they arrive are often preceded by interesting, bulbous clouds.

But when the air balloons are aloft there is still no better sight.