Friday, September 17, 2010


Sitting here in our home on the NJ Shore on a rainy day, watching the weather which has become more than just a pastime, I am remembering doing so in Colorado this summer. Here in the fall we watch the progress of the Atlantic Hurricane, giving thanks that we escaped Earl as we keep track of Igor and the one following it. There we were aware of sunrises and sunsets and the progress of rain clouds, which might interfer with the days outdoor activities.

The sunrise can color the clouds a soft pink above the ground fog.

And the sunset can light up the sky in beautiful vivid colors of orange and purples.

But one of my favorites is when the puffy clouds hang low beneath a clear blue sky.

Rainstorms, when they arrive are often preceded by interesting, bulbous clouds.

But when the air balloons are aloft there is still no better sight.

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