Friday, September 17, 2010


Just before we left my friend, Jan took me on a new experience, mushroom hunting in Colorado. I had searched for Morels when we lived in Michigan, but had never had the opportunity to look for the wide variety on good mushrooms that grow in our mountains.

We were accompanied by Jan's daughter, Aspen and family so I was in good company. Katherine Rose got to ride,

While big brother showed his prowess in mushroom hunting.

The Hawk's Wing mushroom I would have passed by thinking they were clumps of mud.

This interesting orange one took my eye,

And these looked entirely like something else.

Mushrooms come in all shapes, sizes and colors - some orange -

And some a beautiful Yellow. But be sure you know what you are eating before you do, because some are delicious and some poisonous.

At the end of the day I cooked these 3 varieties that they knew were delicious, and safe: the Hawks wing, the Chantrelles, and the Boletes - and they were.

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