Monday, April 25, 2011


We took the good part of a week away from Crested Butte to head south to Flagstaff Arizona to experience our grandson, Chris's "premier" percussion concert at NAU, a very enjoyable experience. It appeared at the time that spring was coming to the mountains.

The Pasque flower is the herald of spring in the Rocky Mountains and a friend told me of spotting them by a road not too far south of our home. Of course I had to go and grab some pictures.

However the next day we had a new dumping of a foot of heavy wet snow in our driveway, so we hurried up and left a day early on our journey south. Returning from Arizona we planned on spending 2 night at Mesa Verde, renewing our interest in the incredible Indian ruins located in that "World Heritage Site". (More of that later.) I will say though that we were fortunate, we thought, with the weather in that the rain and fog which followed us on and off all day appeared mostly when we were inside or on the tour bus, and the sun came out when we were hiking.

The next morning, however we wakened to a new sight. Six inches of snow had fallen while we were asleep (shades of Crested Butte).

As we watched the first of 6 deer came out be behind the bushes -

And proceeded to breakfast on the new shoots of the snow covered trees.

As we enjoyed our breakfast in the lodge, they came out for us to enjoy.

And before long the rising sun lit up the surrounding escarpments as the deer went on their way.

Friday, April 22, 2011


One of my best memories of this first trip to San Miguel is the great party given by our organizer in her lovely rented home, with a view.

This one from the upper deck.

The part with complete with wonderful Mexican food and a Mariachi Band.

The band members were all cousins with beautiful voices and great musical talent.

Taking a last photograph of the beautiful church dome near our home,

We passed the woman hurrying up the hill.

Heading to our last bridge lesson I again took note of one of the interesting wall constructions.

And the colorful paint on the buildings.

With warmer than normal temperature for this time of year this young lady brought out her umbrella.

And here we are with our good friends and partners Don & Cindy Hempel and our instructor, Gary Mitchell. I am not sure that we were the best of students, but he and his wife, Corinne are excellent instructors.


Wile wandering town another day to find San Miguel shoes for a friend back home we came across a plaza where TV commercials were being filmed.

This model bride was decked out in her finery. However my husband has not forgiven me for not getting the picture of the beautiful Mexican girl standing near her.

Families were relaxing on benches in front of the church enjoying the sunshine.

Walking back we passed more irresistible doors.

And shops with Mexican works of art,

And colorful shop windows.

After our bridge lesson, yes we did go mainly to improve, or relearn our bridge game, we had lunch with the group in another beautiful restaurant near the park.

I think this was one of the prettiest entrances to a restroom I have seen.

But life and chores go on for those not of vacation. Laundry must be done.

And furiture must be made to sell.


When traveling I always enjoy going to the market in a new town or country to see what is different and unique.

This little man led the way.

Here was something I had never seen before, a carved and decorated mango on a stick. It was fun watching the skill and speed with which they did it.

The vegetable and fruits were colorful and fresh.

I only wished I had the time and appetite to sample these.

And of course therse are always items to attract tourists. But I did buy one thing before we left - a little pendant of Lapis stone create and sold by a young couple from Crested Butte. It is a small world after all!!


On another morning we walked to a lovely restaurant on a beautiful little street about a half mile from our house. Walking on cobblestones I spend more time watching where I put my feet than taking photos.

However this colorful combination of building took my eye,

As did this pretty fountain.

We were passed by this Mexican Cowboy but I didn't get my camera out and turned on in time to get him coming, only going.

Looking back up the street after a delightful breakfast of fresh fruit home made yogurt and granola I spotted the dome of this church which somehow had missed my attention on the way down.

Passing through the town square on the way to the market with friends, the days activities had begun.

Though I didn't buy a doll, a US dollar each allowed me to take a picture of the 2 generations of venders, a tired and somewhat grouchy older woman, and the charming young girl below.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Having spent most of the day helping clear our driveway here in Crested Butte of a foot of wet snow I look back with pleasure to a wonderful recent week in warm San Miguel.

We arrived via van from the Leon airport and our first view of the town on the hill was from the car. We settled into our lovely 3 bedroom home for the week as our house mates got a later flight from Colorado and didn't arrive until that evening.

The living room was comfortable and well decorated with Mexican antiques and reproductions.

The kitchen the well equipped the pleasant as was the rest of the house.

In spite of the well appointed kitchen we walked the few blocks to the town square the next morning for breakfast. The square is dominated by the Cathedral of San Miguel.

Adjacent to the cathedral was one of the towns many excellent restaurants.

And the square itself, the center of many celebrations was shaded by beautifully trimmed trees.

The other sides of the square are filled with businesses, restaurants, and of course places for the local venders.

These 3 young ladies have a bite to eat before starting their day of selling to the tourists.

On the way back to our house this door took my attention, a relic of the town's antiquity.

However, when we reached out street the doors were anything but decrepit.

The carvings were beautiful.

Even when the bottom of the door is below street level.

But the most interesting thing was the amazing nest of wires.