Friday, April 22, 2011


One of my best memories of this first trip to San Miguel is the great party given by our organizer in her lovely rented home, with a view.

This one from the upper deck.

The part with complete with wonderful Mexican food and a Mariachi Band.

The band members were all cousins with beautiful voices and great musical talent.

Taking a last photograph of the beautiful church dome near our home,

We passed the woman hurrying up the hill.

Heading to our last bridge lesson I again took note of one of the interesting wall constructions.

And the colorful paint on the buildings.

With warmer than normal temperature for this time of year this young lady brought out her umbrella.

And here we are with our good friends and partners Don & Cindy Hempel and our instructor, Gary Mitchell. I am not sure that we were the best of students, but he and his wife, Corinne are excellent instructors.

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Spiritartartist said...

Everything has such character there! You look great. Chuck looks exhausted.