Monday, April 25, 2011


We took the good part of a week away from Crested Butte to head south to Flagstaff Arizona to experience our grandson, Chris's "premier" percussion concert at NAU, a very enjoyable experience. It appeared at the time that spring was coming to the mountains.

The Pasque flower is the herald of spring in the Rocky Mountains and a friend told me of spotting them by a road not too far south of our home. Of course I had to go and grab some pictures.

However the next day we had a new dumping of a foot of heavy wet snow in our driveway, so we hurried up and left a day early on our journey south. Returning from Arizona we planned on spending 2 night at Mesa Verde, renewing our interest in the incredible Indian ruins located in that "World Heritage Site". (More of that later.) I will say though that we were fortunate, we thought, with the weather in that the rain and fog which followed us on and off all day appeared mostly when we were inside or on the tour bus, and the sun came out when we were hiking.

The next morning, however we wakened to a new sight. Six inches of snow had fallen while we were asleep (shades of Crested Butte).

As we watched the first of 6 deer came out be behind the bushes -

And proceeded to breakfast on the new shoots of the snow covered trees.

As we enjoyed our breakfast in the lodge, they came out for us to enjoy.

And before long the rising sun lit up the surrounding escarpments as the deer went on their way.

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Spiritartartist said...

The Pasque flowers are beautiful. Already equipped with a bug too!