Thursday, September 27, 2012


I have neglected my blog for quite a while but a rainy day often inspires me to get back and update it. This time of the year the weather seem to change rapidly and this morning before sunrise we were startled with a sudden loud clap of thunder, followed by a downpour of rain. So here I am!!
One of the first signs of fall seem to be the increased activity of the spiders creating their web between bushes, under porches etc. If you like spiders, as I do, this one was a beauty.
The life guards were on their final days of work, and hard to be found as most had returned to college.
The Barnegat Lighthouse Park at the end of our island is devoid of visitors, which makes it more attractive to the locals.
The storms roll through and the waves increase in size, a bone for the surfers.
After storms the serious treasure hunters arrive looking for gold under the sand (or perhaps just a few coins).
The beach is free of tourists, with only an occasional umbrella raised on a sunny, warm day.
The sandpipers gather before they start the yearly trek south.
The gulls feed off the exposed jetties undisturbed.
Treasures from the sea can be found on the beach, such as this horseshoe crab which now resides on a table on our screened in porch.
The first days of the fall beach fishing tournament bring a lot of vehicles onto the beach as the fishermen try their luck.
This is the most crowded the beach has been for several weeks.
And the gulls line up to watch - hoping to acquire an easy snack.
But mainly the water edge is left to the small children who don't mind the cooler temperatures,
And the dogs who now can come onto the beach to play and retrieve their ball from the water.
Mainly the beauty of the NJ coast returns to the way it used to be, undisturbed by man's interference.