Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Having spent most of the day helping clear our driveway here in Crested Butte of a foot of wet snow I look back with pleasure to a wonderful recent week in warm San Miguel.

We arrived via van from the Leon airport and our first view of the town on the hill was from the car. We settled into our lovely 3 bedroom home for the week as our house mates got a later flight from Colorado and didn't arrive until that evening.

The living room was comfortable and well decorated with Mexican antiques and reproductions.

The kitchen the well equipped the pleasant as was the rest of the house.

In spite of the well appointed kitchen we walked the few blocks to the town square the next morning for breakfast. The square is dominated by the Cathedral of San Miguel.

Adjacent to the cathedral was one of the towns many excellent restaurants.

And the square itself, the center of many celebrations was shaded by beautifully trimmed trees.

The other sides of the square are filled with businesses, restaurants, and of course places for the local venders.

These 3 young ladies have a bite to eat before starting their day of selling to the tourists.

On the way back to our house this door took my attention, a relic of the town's antiquity.

However, when we reached out street the doors were anything but decrepit.

The carvings were beautiful.

Even when the bottom of the door is below street level.

But the most interesting thing was the amazing nest of wires.

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Spiritartartist said...

As always, great shots, Sally. Love the doors and the colors of the girl's dresses.