Friday, September 3, 2010


Lake Irwin is a beautiful clear lake West of Crested Butte at the mostly summer community of Irwin. The town is accessible only by snowmobile in the winter and up the mountain is a lodge which for years was a favorite destination for cat skiing. Unfortunately, it has been closed for several years and has gone through several owners and unfinished plans for for remodeling.

At one end of the lake is this large rock formation, a gathering place for families.

Leaping into the cold water from its heights is a challenge for young boys, and girls alike.

This lovely waterfall, hidden in the trees behind the rock formation helps feed the lake with the mountain run-off.

The flowers are profuse in the surrounding fields, even without making the climb up to Scarp's ridge above -

And there are always rocks where one can rest.

And we made it back home before the afternoon rains descended on our mountain.

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