Saturday, September 4, 2010


There is a 50+ woman's organization in Crested Butte called "Butte Beauties" - that I am happy to be a part of. They are beautiful, interesting and active, beyond my ability at this point of life, but I treasure them as friends. There was an overnight trip to the old mining town of Creede just after we returned to Crested Butte and I was delight to be included. I rode with 3 friends through a beautiful part of the state alone the Silver Thread Highway, that was mostly new to me.

On the way we stopped to see this beautiful North Clear Creek Falls, considered the most photographed falls in Colorado, for good reason.

Arriving in Creede before our cabins were ready we spent a bit of time walking around town being welcomed by this sign.

Being an old mining town, the firehouse was located inside a cave.

Next to the fire department was a mining museum built within a cave excavated for just this purpose. The displays were well done and informative.

I always wondered about the bathroom facilities underground.

After getting settled in out cabins we all went for a short hike in in the drizzling rain.

I saw my first large mushroom, a King Bolete - a hint of what was to come in my future. Never having been in CO during the mushroom hunting season it was a thrill.

We also saw a red Penstamin among a lot of familiar other wildflowers from our mountains.

In the evening we all attended a play in the famous Creede theater - known all over this part of Colorado as the best repertoire theater.

After another nice hike the next day the sun came out enough on our trip home to get a good view of the headwaters of the Rio Grand from the top of the pass.

We stopped for lunch in Lake City just pass this beautiful strand of aspens.

And got back home in Crested Butte accompanied by a good afternoob thundershower, hard driving for Malla.

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