Monday, December 6, 2010


We arrived back in Colorado last night, and tired of unpacking I decided to update my blog with a few of my fall photos.

This Praying Mantis in our garden had feasted well all summer and grown to a good size before winter set in. In doing so he shed his exoskeleton about 12 times.

The Monarch butterflies came through on their southern migration, stopping on the goldenrod for a snack.

Followed closely by the Buckeyes.

The forests on the mainland turned their fall colors.

And the marshes turned golden,

As the water reflected the sky.

The fall winds continued with force churning the ocean into rough waves.

The inlet was treacherous even for large boats.

The bay waters rose isolating the old clam from the land.

The sandpipers that remained huddled near the reeds by the bay to stay warm,

And the gulls reclaimed the beach by the ocean.

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Spiritartartist said...

As always, stunning photography Sally! So sad to see the shack though. :-( Hugs, Sandy