Saturday, April 28, 2012


We traveled again this year with a group of friends from snowy Crested Butte to beautiful San Miguel at 4500 feet near the center of Mexico. Arriving in the afternoon the day before Easter we were anxious to see our hacienda - our home for a week while we took bridge lessons from Corrine and Gary - teachers extraordinaire.
Walking through the heavy wooden door into the enclosed courtyard we were treated to a magnificent sight.
At the top of the steps, outside the main entrance was a pedestal fountain filled with rose pedals.
Flowers were in bloom everywhere, lining the walkway, covering the walls.
These lovely Trumpet Vines (or hummingbird vines) overflowed the gardens.
They even hung from the decks above.
And decks could be found at all levels, 5 in total I believe.
From each deck one was treated with a profusion of colors.
Even the tall Jacaranda trees were in bloom with their delicate purple flowers.
This lovely covered hideaway was a great place for cocktails in the evening, we decided.
It offered a view of the kitchen below.

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