Saturday, April 28, 2012


We did come here for bridge lessons, but there were so many things to see and do, at times we forgot.
However each morning we would begin our walk to the studio, down the hill.
always looking back up the hill at the beautiful view.
Past this corner with its nice plantings,
Along a wire fence with Pink Bougainvillea, and berries,
and red Bougainvillea,
and blue flowers too.
Sometimes I peeked over the fence to see the buildings beyond.
Occasionally we passed a man caning chairs on the corner,
And continued on to the hotel that contained the bridge studio.
When we had play in the afternoon we would try to eat near the studio, sometimes at this little outdoor cafe with this colorful gentleman sitting inside.
Later in the afternoon we would reverse our trip back up the hill past homes, and businesses -
And that special view of San Miguel.

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