Saturday, April 28, 2012


Having a free afternoon, and wanting to see a few of the stores in town, I went to the big market with Susan, who was very familiar with the town.
We passed a church that we had seen several times, and it had fascinated me.
It was very old, and looked to me like it might have lost part of one tower at some time.
The door was open, and the church was nearly empty, so I grabbed a shot of the interior.
Passing a school we realized, because of the noise that it must be graduation. This Mariachi band was setting up to play as the young people exited.
Arriving at the market, one of the first things to catch my eye was this booth of colorful, hand-made bags.
But I couldn't bypass some of the vegetable stands without taking a picture.
Nor could I at the flower stands,
Or this display of hats.
Spices and herbs in different countries always interest me.
But the most interesting of all were the women working at their own little stands with vegetables and tortilla.

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