Saturday, April 28, 2012


Though we enjoyed several excellent restaurants, occasionally we decided to stay in our hacienda and enjoy the talents of our excellent cook.
Susan Brickmen organized our whole trip and kept everything running smoothly.
Don Hemple displayed his talents at the stove when needed.
Cindy Hemple was always ready with a helping hand,
As was Bob Brickmen - though he cottoned no interference or help.
When we had a party it was with the full help of our cook, Lourdes
And the housekeeper, Gabby.
Gary Mitchell with his star pupil, Martyn Cooper enjoyed the party.
As did Gary and wife to be, Corrine.
Cindy, Jerry Brown and Sally Kull enjoyed their conversation despite Don's attentive ear.
Laura Werner, and
Sally Kull were two of our special guests.
The appetizers were delicious.
Served by Cindy.
As was the dinner, thanks to Lourdes and Gabby.
Getting a good photo of Bob Brickmen was a challenge, but I think I succeeded.
And Corrine, our very special, patient teacher - thank you.
And a very special thank you to my husband or 56 years, Chuck
We left our lovely home in Alamda Street and headed to the airport.
My last image of Mexico was of this couple loading their mule driven wagon with sticks. All I could think was how lucky we are.

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