Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Out time in Crested Butte this summer was limited, as it always seems to be, but we managed a couple of short hikes to our favorite places. The path to Scarp's Ridge affords beautiful views of Lake Irwin and the mountain surrounding the area. I wish I had the talent to write wonderful poems to accompany my photos, but you will just have to be content with the pictures themselves.

The Colorado Columbine was in full bloom as were many of the other wildflowers.

The variety was endless and with Ruby and Owens Mountains in the background, at places the views were breathtaking.

Even from our home on a foggy morning, Mt Axtel peeking through the clouds is a pleasant sight.

Other times of the day we can enjoy watching the riders bring their horses down from the mountains.

The wildflowers frame Red Lady Bowl, which gets it name from reflecting the sun in the early morning light.

And our house sits in its own golden carpet.

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Muhammad khabbab said...

wow great pics specially the columbine.