Saturday, August 18, 2012


We have been back in New Jersey for about 10 days, but I have to admit my thoughts keep returning to Colorado. The heat has finally broken as a cold front pushed its way in from the North, bringing some rain and lowering the humidity - the weather even seems more like Colorado.
A lot of our time this year was devoted to bridge as Gary and Corinne came from San Miguel to gives lesson. They are wonderful teachers, and we always wish we were better students.
However a lot more of our time and energy was taken up with yard work. In spite of the early drought in the West, we still had some wildflowers, and a LOT of dandelions.
The Lupine always seems to flourish and bloom no matter what,
As do these Asters.
The 2nd half of July is a wonderful time to be in Crested Butte - the music festival is in full swing. We managed to squeeze in a few events, such as the symphony rehearsal for Beethoven to be held in the Lacey Barn that night. It was superb.
On our way home that morning, we found the cows in the Slate River Valley. How did they get there and where were they the day before??
In spite of the drought and scarcity of wildflowers, the valleys turned green with the late afternoon showers. which had become a normal occurrence.
The rain intensified the colors in the surrounding mountains, making a beautiful backdrop for our home.
And as the sun came out, it shown through the rain,
treated us with the beauty of a rainbow over our home.

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Sandy Sandy said...

This photo of your home is amazing! I've been going through your photos for inspiration for my last four 30/30 paintings. Any suggestions or requests? I have an idea and I'm looking for one in particular, but have enjoyed seeing them all so far! ! Onward. . . HUGS my friend.