Saturday, October 27, 2012


Last week, by invitation from our neighbor, Steve Lee, my sister and I took her grandson Nick, to experience the cranberry harvest in New Jersey. The Lees have harvested cranberries for 7 generations on their property in Woodland, a short distance from our Island. I hadn't seen a harvest for several years, so it was a treat for me.
The bog that they were harvesting that day was filled with water and the cranberries had been freed from their plants to float to the surface.
A west wind had blown the berries to the eastern shore of the bog where they were ready to be gathered.
Near the shore of the bog a few wild flowers had managed to survive the flooding and poked their heads above the red sea.
Nick, properly attired helped the crew rake the berries away from the shore so that they could be enclosed within the advancing boom.
The final few were handled by the owner Steve Lee III.
The berries were forced to the gathering place where a submerged pipe sucked them into a large tube.
The berries were drawn up, separated from the water and deposited into the bed of waiting trucks. Can't wait till Thanksgiving!!

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