Friday, July 12, 2013


July 4th on our blocks in Surf City has a tradition of more than 40 years in duration. It begins with a parade around our 2 ocean blocks of all residents, children, grandchildren, pets and guests, singing "God Bless American" with all the enthusiasm and accompanying noise we can muster - and there is always plenty of that. Passerby's honk their horns and more people join us every year.

The leaders always carry a flag , followed by everyone  dressed in the colors of 

of the flag, children; adults, babies in carriages - young and old, with smiles.

Sometimes too "Uncle Sam"  joins in the procession to the beach where after the singing of our national anthem and saluting our flag, games are held for the children - of all ages.

There is always the famous "Sack Race" - different heats of course for different ages.

                                                              And the wheel barrel race,
The water balloon toss
the crab race,
and the pie eating contest and finishing with a Tug-O-War, boys against girls, with somehow the girls always winning.  Help always seems to arrive when it is needed!!

It is a great way to spend the morning with family and friends and celebrate America's Birthday.

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