Monday, February 17, 2014


February in Crested Butte brought a lot of snow.  With the snowmobile racing at the bottom of Snodgrass over temporarily, the foxes began to appear.

This one and a very small, young one come over to investigate and play.

We made another trip over the pass to the west to Montrose to have our new car's 1st check-up.  It was a cloudy, dark day as we left home, vut the sun lit up some of the surrounding peaks.

Blue Mesa had a good coating of snow covering the ice, and we were pleassed to see the water/ice level much higher than last summer.

On our return trip the snow had been blown into interesting patterns on top of the ice, and blue sky was prevailing.

But soon the snow came down in earnest - a recorded 7 feet with 2 weeks, and our decks and railing began to disappear beneath the white fluff.  Chuck had to do double duty to keep our driveway clear enough so that we could get the car and truck out.

Looking out my kitchen window the porch had virtually disappeared beneath the snow.

And from our bedroom the view had changed completely from what it had been several weeks before.
Last weekend we decided to make the trip over Monarch Pass to the town of Pueblo on the other side of the Rockies to play in a bridge sectional.  Though the pass haad been closed in the morning to clear avalanches - we had an uneventful ride.  The sun kept peeking through the clouds to light up this mountain top and that.

I was fascinated by this one particular cloud - a formation that I had never seen before.  Does anyone know what it is called??
And though we get many interesting ice cycles when the snow on the roof melts from the heat of the sun, I had never seen any that looked like a pair of geese.

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