Thursday, February 12, 2015


This has been a very unusual winter here in Colorado, as it has been in most of the country, except different. Here it has been warm far the Rocky Mountains, and our snowfall very minimal while the East is inundated with the white stuff. We have friends in the Boston area, and there they don't know what to do with all the feet of snow Mother Nature has dumped on them. Wish they could send it to us!!

However looking out our window one day several weeks ago we saw several bikers enjoying the course across the street,on their bikes.

That was until they had to go back up the hill.

However once they had completed the difficult climb, and were rested, they took off for higher ground.

Meanwhile back at our house a couple of young red foxes had decided our yard might just be a good place to hunt.

As the day wore on the the sun got lower, this fox decided that the Aspen trees were a good place to "hide".

This one decided to keep watch from this pine tree while the sun went lower.

It became a good place to take a rest!
    Several days later when we got our most recent snow this fox, perhaps the same one, revisited this pine, deciding it was a good place to take temporary shelter from the falling snow flakes.

But when he saw me taking his picture -

He decided to come out and look his handsomest!!

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