Monday, January 5, 2009


Back in Colorado, winter had arrived, 100+ inches during the time I had been gone, plus many wonderful Christmas cards from friends. One of the most memorable was this photo of Chuck's boat, decorated by his "crew". Though the tuna weren't plentiful last summer, the fun and comradeship remained high for my husband.

The winter cold made our Colorado cats, Misty and Smokey seek the warmth of the blankets on the sofa.

Snowy, our "almost resident" fox curled up in the snow on our deck.

Our grandsons, Chris and Michael from California have become very good skiers during their post Christmas visits, as here they work their way down the Horseshoe run.

My photo of the run was taken later, but not from the mid point.

Our son Keith and the boys encountered a surprise intruder at the bottom of a ski run, who probably felt the samae way about them.


Sandy Sandy said...

GREAT pics Sal. Snowy looks very content!

Nancy said...

Love those pics especially of "Snowey" the fox who claimed his territory on your porch? Cute