Sunday, June 14, 2009


It has been a long time since I have gotten back to my blog. Energy has been low, diversions many, and damp weather almost continuous. I am still awaiting summer weather to again enjoy the beach and all the NJ shore has to offer. My camera is still in the backpack that brought it to NJ, so I hope the mood strikes me soon. We have gotten out for a few bike rides on the island, South under the causeway bridge to Brant Beach -and North to Barnegat Light.

Unlike some of my younger friends who are doing centennial rides for their 60th birthday, and "Ride the Rockies" trips in Colorado, this is just a start to what I hope will be a leisurely bike trip to Spain in November.

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Bang Del said...

Hi.. Nice picture you have here Sally. Seems like we have some common interest in touring. My best regards..
-Bang Del-