Friday, June 19, 2009


It is still raining in New Jersey, so my thoughts turn to Colorado where our home there is now on the market. We hope very much to sell it this summer so that we can downsize to a very nice town house we have found - but we also realize thtat in this economy it might not happen this year. I still decided to put a few pictures of our home there on my blog.

The mountain views are spectaclar, from all sides.

This is our main living room downstairs with my collection of antique tools displayed on the stairway.

The kitchen is a joy to work in, and has wonderful views of the mountains.

And the views from the upstairs sitting room, and our bedroom , are spectacular, as are the ones from our main deck.

Whatever happens this summer we look forward to returning for several weeks when the wildflowers are in bloom to enjoy this special place, and our friends who live there.

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