Friday, November 6, 2009


New Jersey is one of the main producers of cranberries with its large consortium, "Ocean Spray". Every fall in late October the fields are flooded in preparation for the harvest.

The berries are knocked off the bushes with a rotation trasher propelled by a tractor or air boat similar to those used in the everglades.

As the berries are released from the bushes they float to the surface.


The cranberries are concentrated into a large floating island surrounded by yellow "oil booms".

The berries are guided up a ladder where they are washed, drained and loaded in a truck for transportation.

As the berries are loaded the "red island" gets smaller as the booms are drawn in. The "pond" returns to normal to soon again be drained in preparation for the next growing season.

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Spiritartartist said...

Love your shots and commentary Sally!
This is a different place from where we just shot. Our guys didn't use the air boat type threshers. Interesting subject isn't it?