Monday, October 26, 2009


We got back from the Chesapeake the evening before the nor'easter hit - thanks to the the good sense of my husband, the captain. When we looked at the beach when the winds had diminished, somewhat the following is what greeted us.

The large number of logs and piles of debris had come from further north, Harvey Cedars I was sure.

Most of the street entrances, except ours on 22nd street, were completely eroded making the beach inaccessible.

Dune fence which had been installed a year ago when the beach was replenished, had been undermined.

And dangerous piles of debris had accumulated in many places.

Harvey Cedares, however, fared much worse with piles of logs and fence everywhere.

And where there had been dunes, however meager, there were only cliffs and the encroaching tides.

But when there is destruction there is always beauty.

When the sun came out again it revealed that the wind had created beautiful mound patterns in the sand behind our dune fence.

The sandpipers that I was sure had gone south for the winter season appeared in numbers.

They were undeterred by the storm and began their hunt for food along the ocean's edge.

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Spiritartartist said...

WOW Sally, I had no idea the shore was hit so hard. Great pictures. We enjoyed seeing you on Sunday and getting caught up! :-D