Saturday, October 24, 2009


Two weeks ago, while our daughter was visiting from Colorado, we made our yearly trip to the Chesapeake in a little window of good weather. We made it around Cape May, up the Delaware River, through the C&D Canal & over to Georgetown on the Sassafras River in one day.

It was the smoothest ride I can remember on the Delaware, and as we passed the Cross Ledge Lighthouse the sky was blue.

There was little traffic on the C&D Canal as we passed under my favorite bridges.

After tying up at the Georgetown Marine we had a nice Dinner at the Kitty Knight Restaurant -
and watched the sun set over the Sassafras River.

The next morning we made the short trip over to Baltimore to stay at the Inner Harbor East.

The weather remained good, allowing me to show Vicki a good bit of the Harbor area, including the wonderful Baltimore Acquarium.

The Dolphin Show was enjoyable.

The many displays well done -

but there is never enough time to spend in front of all the displays and in the aviary.

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