Friday, October 23, 2009


Now that summer is definitely over on the New Jersey shore I am finally inspired to post some photos of the preceding 2 months. It has been a frustrating time for my husband who loves to take his boat out to the "canyons" in search of tuna. We have had a lot of wind this summer which makes for rough seas and trips not only uncomfortable, but dangerous. His success has been sporadic at best. Tuna seemed scarce despite the warm waters. These next few photos were taken by our son, Keith from California on one of the better trips.

Back at the dock at Morrison's marina in Beach Haven.

The trip was a bit of a success and the fish, when cooked that night, were delicious.

Seagulls are always present in hopes of scraps at cleaning time.

It wasn't long before the wind returned to kick the water in the bay into rough waves.

On calmer days the gulls gathered on the jetties,

and went about feeding on sea life.

The dune fence made interesting patterns on the dunes,

and early in the morning the tractors did the same on the beach as they cleaned up the refuse from yesterday's tourists.

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