Monday, March 1, 2010


The other week on our way to visit our grandson at Northern Arizona U. we stopped at a place I have wanted to visit for years, the Antelope Slot Canyons of Page, Arizona. The canyons are on the Navajo reservation and were discovered in the 1930's by a 12 year old Navajo girl tending her sheep.

With a Navajo guide, you enter through a narrow slot in the red rock wall on the canyon into a magical world.

The canyons are made from Navajo sandstone, mainly by erosion from flash floods, and are not a place to be in a rainstorm,

Ambient light coming through holes in the roof turn the walls into an endless variety of colors.

The floor of the canyon is a very fine red sand which creates havoc with the shutter release of your camera, especially mine.

Occasionally you come upon pieces of debris left over from a recent flood.

And looking up there are a few logs wedged between the walls at the high water mark.

Our Guide, Verne, besides being a great help in seeing formations and visualizing photos, also entertained us with beautiful flute music.

As we neared the exit of the canyon the light playing on the formations guided our way. It was a memorable 2 hours.


Spiritartartist said...

WOW SALLY ! ! ! Totally awesome place and beautiful shots! Thanks so much for sharing. 5*'s

Sandy Sandy said...

Something very spiritual about this place. I will revisit this post.