Sunday, February 21, 2010


Gaudi's Casa Batllo, one of the strangest residential buildings in the world. This house is probably the best known and most characteristic work of Gaudi in Barcelona.
It was restored and remodeled according to the plans of Gaudi and of Josep Maria Jujol between 1905-1907 for the middle-class family Battlo originally. Gaudi has developed the facades and the roof into sculpture; on the building there is not only a straight line either, windows, the frames are almost reminiscent of a dinosaur's bones.

Looking at the house from Passeig de Gracia, it immediately pops out with it's strange wavy and colorful facade. The moment you step foot into it, it is like you are in an enchanted house that exists in a fairy tale land.

The wooden modernistic door on the 1st floor is reflected in style throughout this level.

The windows which bring light and color in the room are of the same curvy form.

The center of the building is hollow and houses a circular stairway and an elevator which looks out on the interesting while and blue tiled core.

The upper floor decorated with tiled pillars leads out onto a patio,

With decorative tiles and a small pool.

The Attic houses the laundry & drying rooms. The hallways have the same elliptical shape as Gaudi used in many of his constructions.

The colorful scaled roof recalls a reptile skin. According to some authorities on Gaudí architecture, the roof represents a dragon; the small turret with a cross would symbolize the sword of St. George stuck into the dragon. The bones and skulls on the facade represent all the dragon's victims.

Even the Chimney stacks are concealed in unusual decorative forms.

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