Saturday, February 20, 2010


Arriving at Granada as the bus climbed the mountain we caught our first glimpse of the magnificent Alhambra Palace, a UNESCO site.

The Alhambra palace was home first to Moorish kings, then Christian, resulting in a striking mixture of architectural and artistic styles.

We entered through one of the many gates into a gardens with a view of one of the 22 towers of the original fortress, many of which are still intact.

Looking up one could admire beautiful ceiling of wood in intricate patterns.

And Moorish plaster decorations in a variety of colors.

Between buildings were many clear pools,

Framed by pillars supporting carved arches.

Passing from building to building and room to room one could only marvel at the beauty of the ceilings,

And the windows looking out of the towns and mountain.

We passed through gardens with perfectly trimmed hedges and trees.
And gardens with trees in the beginning of their fall colors reflected in pools,

And gardens with passageways cut through tall walls of green.

Arriving at the Palace of Generalife we were treated with more pools and fountains,

Flowers framing a view of the old Moorish fortress on the adjacent hill,

And a walk under a shaded green archway.

Leaving Alhambra we passed one of the towers,

With a key hole carved into the rock.

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