Thursday, March 31, 2011


Skiing on the mountain on the beautiful day of fresh snow you could see clearly all of the surrounding ranges.

To the North was Snodgrass with Gothic Mountain peaking from behind.

Further to the East Teocalli Mountain appeared behind the White Mountains of the Elk Range,

And a better view of Gothic, my favorite mountain to photograph.

The trees, loaded with new snow were magical,

And the runs couldn't be more enticing.

Riding back up a chairlift the top of the peak was visible

Arriving home to our yet un-shoveled deck we saw the signs of many visitors.

One brave fellow was waiting patiently in our yard, hoping for a hand-out.

Following are a few images of the red foxes who we help through the worst winter months when the snow is very deep.

We hope that they keep the mole and vole population under control during the easier hunting months.

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