Friday, March 25, 2011


The beginning of spring in the Rockies is different that anyplace else I have lived. One day the temperatures rise to the 40's. the snow seems to be melting fast, the mud starts to appear around the edges of the streets, and the next we are "blessed" once again with 6 or more inches of new snow. A blue bird appears on our railing and I run for my camera, but alas I am too late, he doesn't stay long on this first visit. As I yearn for spring, and spend more time in the gym than I do skiing, I decide to go through some of my recent photos and relive some of the reasons I love it here in, as my friend Sandy calls it "this magical place".

The beginnings of a day in the mountains are as varied as can be. Sometimes the sky and mountains light up with vivid shades of salmon and purple.

Sometimes the colors stay muted in the soft pink tones.

And sometimes the colors stay bright and mix with the blues of the beginning of the day.

If one is awake early enough on a morning of full moon you can capture its vision combined with the reflection of the rising sun on the nearby mountains.

As the day begins the light hits first the peaks of the surrounding mountains, here Whetstone Mountain, and the snow piles on the side of our road.

Red Lady Bowl on top of Mt Emmons turns white,

As does Mt Gothic which I can see clearly from my kitchen.

Across the street Snodgrass does the same while displaying the shadowss created by our house.

The evening sky can be even more dramatic with bright oranges, reds and purples.

Finally the sky can become streaked with blues and deep pinks from the last rays of the setting sun. What a beautiful show of nature we have from our windows.

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Spiritartartist said...

W O W !! I HAVE GOOSEBUMPS! AWESOME SHOTS form your magnificent mystical mountains once again my dear friend! Thank you for sharing! ♡ Sandy