Sunday, January 8, 2012


We have been back in Crested Butte, Colorado for a month, and I have completely neglected my blog, partly because of the many Holiday and pre-holiday activities and partly because of what the following photos reveal.

Almost no snow!! The weather has been beautiful, clear blue skies, spring like temperatures (for the Rockies) part of the time, and skies full of stars at night. Who could ask for more?? The skiers!!

We now have bus service to our part of Mt Crested Butte, and I was beginning to appreciate it and the spring-like weather,

The Mountain though did a very good job with snow making and grooming (though we weren't taking advantage of it during the Holidays.) From our home we could see the half-pipe and watch the feats of the young snowboarders and skiers as they performed their maneuvers.

However, this morning we wakened to a different sight.

Our yard was covered with about 5 inches of fresh snow.

Snodgrass Mountain and Gothic in the background had a beautiful coating of white.

And the dried wildflowers and grasses in our yard had donned white hats.
Time to shovel the driveway!!

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