Monday, November 21, 2011


Now that Thanksgiving is almost upon us, I am finally thinking back to the first weeks of November and decided to post a few images. As usual November weather was very changeable with a few warm sunny day interspersed between the fog, the clouds and Nor'easters.

Early mornings often had beautiful sunrises as the clouds passed through on their way to sea. And the Goldenrod and October Daisies were in full bloom, causing problems for those with allergies to the pollen.

The Monarchs, though were attracted by the blossoms as they passed through in great numbers on their way south.

The sandpipers accumulated by the ocean edge to store up on food in preparation for their migration.

Pestering this lone gull by their numbers he felt required to squawk his protest.

But as the waves came in the lifted off the sand en masse to find a better spot.

As the evening approached the fishermen appeared to try their luck under the darkening clouds.

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