Monday, November 21, 2011


As the month goes on, and the storms come and go -

We get some spectacular sunrises. The old adage holds true - "red skies at night, sailors delight, red skis in the morning, sailors take warning.

The shells accumulate on the water's edge.

The Cormorants join the migration south.

The waves increase in size leaving nice islands of sand,

For the Herring Gulls who winter here.

They are left to follow their own pursuits, watched by the occasional mother and child - and photographer.

The wind leaves interesting patterns in the sand at the base of the dunes.

The bay, covered with whitecaps, even at low tide throws spray over the bulkhead,

and drops waves onto the narrow beach.

But back at out house the holly tree, dug out of the pine lands nearly 70 years ago is covered with berries. It survives despite hurricanes and yearly trimming by the trash truck when we don't get to it.

Though most of our annual flowers have succumbed to the wind and salty air, the snapdragons have decided it is not yet time to give up the ghost, and bloom again.

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