Saturday, November 19, 2011


I have been very neglectful of my blog of late, no real excuse laziness and some pleasant distractions. Enjoying several of my friend's photos and comments on their blogs have re-inspired me, so I decided to go back a month when our daughter was visiting. After our trip to the Chesapeake and the safe retrieval of the boat from Cape May where we left it as we drove home to beat the approaching bad weather, her time on the island was nearing the end. Asking what she wanted to do on her last day she responded, go to the ends of the Island.

It was a cloudy day and signs of fall were appearing in the foliage near the lighthouse in Barnegat Light at the northern end.

Golden rod appeared several places between the rocks of the jetty.

As we walked along the inlet to the beach on the ocean the light peeped through the cloud cover in a array of soft pastel colors.

On the return trip, while my daughter walked the rocks, I cut across the sand to capture this shot of Barnegat Lighthouse behind this concentration of goldenrod.

Back by the lighthouse the October Daisies were in full bloom

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