Saturday, November 19, 2011


Holgate, the southern end of Long Beach Island is always much more deserted that the northern end. Most of the area is closed during the summer as it is a bird sanctuary during the nesting season. This time of the year it is practically empty, except for the ever present gulls that is.

As the tide receded on this afternoon it left interesting patterns in the sand at the water's edge.

Away from the ocean the remains of wind blown trees stand testament to the severity of nor'eastern storms.

The tire tracks of the occasional fisherman's jeep remain long after the catch has been taken home.

The small dunes at the edge of the nesting area showed a bit of the color of fall with the bay visible in the background.

Walking back along the waters edge we met a small group of Amish people, probably visiting from Pennsylvania, enjoying the beach. They were almost the only people we encountered on our long walk.

There is nothing as pleasant as a walk on a nearly deserted beach in the fall after the crowds have departed.

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