Friday, October 21, 2011


We have tried to make a boat trip to the Chesapeake every fall, some years with more success than others. Weather is always the main factor, last year we didn't make it at all.

This year on the first leg to cape May, on a relatively calm but overcast day, we were treated with a wonderful sight, a first for me in this area. We came upon a large pod of Atlantic dolphins with many young, moseying their way along the surface.

It appeared to me that this mother was teaching her baby the joys of life in the sea.

Arriving in Cape May for a night at the Marina, the fish1ng fleet was at dock for the holiday.

From our slip at South Jersey Marina we had a great view of the commercial boats.

As we watches as a large flock of Boat-tailed Grackle arrived to perch on the lines. I wondered what the decks looked like the next day.

That evening the fleet lit up the water and made a beautiful sight.

The next morning as we waited for the sun to come out behind the clouds and the boats remained at rest,

I took one last shot of our "Snow Goose".

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