Friday, October 21, 2011


Finally getting underway, Chuck was happy to be back at the helm. Looking ahead at two rainy days, he decided to head to Baltimore where there would be plenty of things to do, rain or shine.

Heading under the bridge on the Cape May canal this Great Blue Heron chose to ignore us.

I always enjoy looking at the shoreline of the canal and the homes that boarder on it. This old gazebo took my eye as I had missed it on previous trips.

After a choppy trip bucking the current up the Delaware Bay and River, I was happy to finally reach the C&D Canal and pleased to see some early fall color in the trees there.

Arriving at the Inner Harbor Marine in Baltimore in the afternoon we settled in and found a good restaurant for dinner. The next morning we took off on foot to walk the waterfront, always a pleasant way to spend the day.

A visit to this replicate of the Chesapeake Bay Lighthouses is a good stop.

I had never noticed this Blue Crab near the Acquarium, perhaps it was new.

I appreciated this sign outside Dick's Dock Restaurant bragging about its award as "Baltimore Most Beautiful Eyesore".

The Constitution remains at an inner dock awaiting visitors.

As the rain began to fall on our way to the Science Museum we took shelter the the Visitor's Center with the Big Pink Poodle greeting us near the entrance. We spent the late afternoon at the movies watching "Money Ball" a really good movie.

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